Monday, July 09, 2012


"To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved." 
Eph. 1:6

Very often in that word acceptance there is the suggestion of expected service. When a candidate for office is accepted, that acceptance is the road to usefulness. When an editor accepts a manuscripts, that means that the manuscript is going to be used. And when God not only pardons, but accepts, it implies that He is set on using us "to the praise of His glory."
-G.H. Morrison

"How precious to know, from the very mouth of God, that we are accepted, not for any virtue or goodness of our own, or for good intentions and purposes. Accepted, not because of our deep religious feelings, our high moral aims, and aspirations, but in the Beloved, Who hath loved us unto death. This puts an end to all disquieting searchings and self-examinations. The "rest of faith" is not in him that believeth, but in Him on Whom we have believed."
-E.F. Stroter


'Tis not for works which I have wrought,
'Tis not for gifts which I have brought,
Nor yet for blessings that I sought, 
That I have been "Accepted."

'Tis not for tears that I have shed, 
'Tis not for prayers that I have said,
Nor yet for slavish fear or dread,
That I have been 'Accepted."

From these I turn my eyes to Him,
Who bore the judgments due to sin
And by His blood I enter in,
And share in His Acceptance.

And when within that circle sweet,
Where God's eternal smile I meet,
I'll praise Him for the work complete,
Through which I am "Accepted."