Monday, October 31, 2011

A Happy, Random Post

I can't think of a season in life when I've been happier. God's blessings are too numerous to count, and I'm living out a life-long dream, with my best friend/husband by my side. With two months of marriage behind us we are finding life to just get sweeter, and our love to grow more deeper and true.

A few random snippets from life here in windy Manitoba

- Keeping a house and figuring out a cleaning schedule

- Trips to Winnipeg; an extremely culturally diverse city

- Eating at an Ethiopian restaurant

- Inviting friends over last minute for dessert

- Trying to decide what paint colors to buy for the walls

- Purchasing piano books for my soon-to-be students

- Having time to practice piano

- Trying all sorts of new recipes, and learning to cook many of the German and Oriental dishes that are so popular here

- After dark walks with my husband around town

- Enjoying all sorts of pop-in visitors

- Fetching laundry off the lawn that the wind blew away

- Budgeting and grocery shopping

- Sorting through the hundreds of wedding photos, and deciding which ones to print

- Gradually working on the 130 thank-you cards to write

- Enjoying quiet mornings with my Bible, memory cards, and a cup of coffee

- Counting my blessings daily!

Many have asked for more wedding photos, so I'm pondering the thoughts of doing a "Wedding Series" here soon. There were so many details that made that day so perfect and fun. Some days I wish to go back and re-live it all. It was truly a whirlwind day, and so often on August 27th, I wished I could make time slow down and savor every little moment to it's fullest. In ways, I'm doing that now with the photos.

Many thoughts have been wandering up and down the hallways of my heart these past few months. Lessons in this new season of life seem too numerous to even try to write about, yet I'm wanting to capture some of them to savor, meditate on, and record. Sometimes I think it's laziness that keeps me from writing more here, sometimes it's a feeling of inadequacy to truly portray my thoughts, other times it's just a letting-go in lieu of other priorities. All that said, I do want my appearance here to be more frequent. God's faithfulness has been so sweet and real, it deserve a more public mention. :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of the things I love about being married....

Is having the time to try all sorts of new recipes! Joel and I *loved* this one, and I'll be making it again without question!