Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life and Wedding Plans

Well, I'm slightly amused as I log into blogger for the first time in weeks. The entire template has changed, and I'm not even sure if I'm in the right place. I guess it just goes to show how long it's been since I've blogged. Blogger has moved on without me, obviously not caring to notify me, and not aware of the fact that I did intend to blog again at some point. Oh well... :-)

Wedding plans are falling together more and more as the time goes on, and we are now under 50 days in the countdown. I mentioned at one point I wanted to share a bit more of our story here. It's now written down, and available to read at our wedding website.

My camera had been sadly sitting in it's case for weeks on end now. The flowers beds are in sad shape. My piano hasn't seen quite so much neglect, but nevertheless, I am looking forward to the day where I can concentrate on more than wedding sewing, planning food for 350 people, flowers, and the thousand and one other details that come with planning a wedding. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying the process, but it does have an end goal, right? I am looking forward to that goal. :-)

On a sobering note, amidst the planning, I have had some good sobering reminders that are helping me to keep my focus on the truly important things in life. A couple months ago, our family headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's to celebrate one of my sister's birthdays. We had an especially good time there, as we sat around the table eating ice cream and playing several hilariously good rounds of Yahtzee - Grandma's favorite game.

I went away that evening, treasuring the last couple months at home and the opportunities that were at hand, and knowing that these game nights at Grandpa and Grandma's were limited. Little did I know, that was the last time I would in likelihood play Yahtzee with Grandma. Before seeing her again, she suffered a massive stroke while in the hospital waiting for gallbladder surgery. Life has changed dramatically for her, for us, and for all that love her. We are praying that God restores some of what has been lost. Until then, we wait, we love through the trials and changes, and we thank God for the many wonderful years we had with her and whatever He still chooses to give. It's been a sobering reminder to cherish the gift of life, health, and family that God gives.

Details for a somewhat vintage theme decorating scheme keep coming together. Joel and I enjoyed a tremendously fun photo shoot with a friend, and came away with some delightful pictures for our invitations. A Source of Joy Graphics designed the invitations, and all I had to do was address and sticker the huge stack of them. It was so much more fun than I originally anticipated!

Just a couple sneak peeks of details... :-)

An incredibly cute idea I found the other day for a guest book. 
Dream bouquet. I'm hoping my friend is able to recreate it!

Mason jar centerpieces!
Ok, enough for now, or there will be not surprises left. It will be interesting to see how all these ideas and plans flow together, but I'm confidant with the help of some dear friends and corresponding talent, things will be just right. ;-)

I can't guarantee if this blog will be touched in the next 48 days of busyness. :-) Perhaps I'll find some extra minutes and inspiration like this relaxing Sunday afternoon provided, or perhaps the next time you will hear from me will be MB.

A nugget to chew on in the meantime. This has challenged me continually over the past couple weeks! God's blessings to all!

You cannot live a life full of the Holy Spirit unless you live a life of daily dying to self and the flesh. The way of the cross is the way to a Spirit filled lived. - Zac Poonen 

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Abbey said...

I really like that idea for the guest book!!! Everything looking beautiful Andrea!