Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Misc. Random Picture Post of Antigua

La Merced - A big church in the area that I pass by every day.

My desk in my cozy little room. I have already spent MANY hours studying here.

A common sight. The painters here are rather amazing!

Cute little angle boy at the Corpus Cristi procession.

Fruit is available in abundance here! I LOVE these fruit stands!

Have I mentioned that the food is amazing? ;-)

The beginning of the Corpus Cristi procession. 

The kids like the food too! :-)

A crazy funny dog I run into quite often. I've had some interesting conversations with his owner.

Motorcycles are a primary source of transportation here. 

The mountains and architecture are quite something!

Traditional Mayan singers/dancers. 

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Amy said...

*Neat* pictures, Annie!!! Thanks so much for capturing these pieces of Antigua. I think that the one of of the Mayans was really neat. :)