Friday, June 18, 2010

True Love

Over the past couple months, my inner definition of the meaning of true love has gone through some fairly major remodeling. I've found my assumptions challenged, and my sometimes twisted perspectives brought to light through various encounters and experiences. I would never, ever claim any of these experiences to be easy things to walk through, and yet it's been an exciting journey for me to understand a little more clearly what real, godly, true love looks like in day to day life. 

When I first mention the word 'love,' your mind is possibly drawn to that which is shared between a husband and wife, or between an engaged or courting couple. While I have no doubt in my mind that these principles apply in this area, love is a much greater prism than the fluttery, amazing feeling that most people think of, and is by it's very essence something that effects a much broader realm. In reality, true love lived out touches every single area of our life, while at the same time, spilling over and effecting every person we come in contact with. Jesus lays out the definition of a Christian clearly in John when He says, "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." He also declare Himself to be love, and in actuality, love in our life is the living, breathing manifestation of Jesus Christ Himself that should flow out and touch every single relationship in our life. 

At the very root of what I have been learning is one simple word. "Give." Scripture makes this clear. "Love...even as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for it." "God so loved the world that he gave..." "Greater love hath no man than this, than a man [give] his life for his friends..." The Bible often refers to our salvation, sanctification, and eternal life as a gift from the hand of God.

I have a friend who really loves chocolate. She loves chocolate in any shape, form, style, or presentation, and the bigger the bar or box, the better. I love giving her chocolate, and the squeals of delight from her lips whenever she opens a new box is more than enough reward for me. Sometimes I've felt rather selfish - I truly feel that I get more delight out of her excitement than is fit and proper! Giving to her feels like a treat for myself, and has never, ever seemed to be a sacrifice. 

Oftentimes when we think of giving, the highlighted verse in our mind is "Give and it shall be given back unto you, a good measure, shaken down and running over shall be given into your bosom." This is the sort of love that leaves us feeling overwhelmingly blessed, and completely primed to go for it again. What pours out of us is received with gratefulness by others, fruit is being produced, and sacrifice is the farthest thing from our mind. As long as we are receiving, as well as giving, love flows out naturally, and we bask in the warm glow that surrounds our life.

What if this is not the case, though? What if the next time I gave my friend some chocolate, she half-heartedly rips open the wrapping, glances over it, and complains that it was the same brand I gave her last time. What if that box of chocolate was shoved on a shelf, forgotten, and left for the ants. No appreciation was shown, no thanks given, and the gift which costed me some effort and money was never used or thought about again. That sure wouldn't be much motivation for me to keep giving, would it? I would probably start looking for another friend who appreciated what I had to offer. 

This is where the rubber starts to meet the road, and where I've come face to face with the fact that loves gives with no thought of return. For me, this has been the time when I've started realizing that true love does not ask, "What does this friend or person have that will bless, fulfill, and satisfy me?" Without doubt, it is a natural and easy thing to focus on! Oh, but how much more beautiful and can I say, immensely more satisfying, is the time when our question becomes, "What do I have that I can give to bless or help this person?" 

Now, consider with me one final scenario. Imagine that this box of chocolate was something my friend needed. She needed it desperately, and I was the only person who fully comprehended her need. Because I loved her, I went to great lengths and extreme expense to buy exactly the right kind for her. It truly cost me quite a bit. In fact, everything that was precious in my life was laid out, and my anticipation at her appreciation of my sacrifice, and at the deepening of our friendship through that sacrifice was great. The day finally came when I presented her with the gift, and to my surprise, I quickly realized that she didn't know herself that she needed this chocolate. When she opened the box, she turned on me with fury that I would dare assume her needs or desires, and accused me of ulterior motivations. That precious box of chocolate was thrown on the floor, trampled on, and I in turn was thrown out of my friend's house and life... 

This, my friends, is the scenario that our Lord faced when He came to earth. The only difference is, He knew beforehand that His gift was going to be trampled on and rejected by the majority of the world, and yet He still gave everything He had. He not only knew that He would face rejection of the worst kind, but also a pain and death as cruel as man could imagine. What was His motivation? Remember one of my first statements - God is love. Love gives without reserve, and love for us and for His Father's glory is what drove Him to earth for the aid of a few who would eventually realize in a very, very small way what sacrifice He actually made.

So how does all this apply to us? I am reminded of David's words in II Samuel 24. David asks the searching question, "Shall I give unto the Lord my God that which has cost me nothing?" First and foremost, I deeply believe this applies to our surrender to God. If love is truly measured by giving, isn't is accurate to say that an unsurrendered life to God is in essence hating Him? Isn't it equally as accurate to say that the greatest expression of love that we can show to our Lord is the very giving of ourselves, unreservedly to Him, for whatever purpose He sees best? 

"God so loved, that he gave...." What an example to pattern our lives after in relating to others as well! Remember.... 

There will be times this love is taken advantage of. 

Still keep loving. 

There will be times when this love is not appreciated.

Don't stop. 

There are times when loving and giving another the thing they need will be misunderstood. 

Don't become bitter. 

Keep your eyes on the source of love, and remember His example. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Misc. Random Picture Post of Antigua

La Merced - A big church in the area that I pass by every day.

My desk in my cozy little room. I have already spent MANY hours studying here.

A common sight. The painters here are rather amazing!

Cute little angle boy at the Corpus Cristi procession.

Fruit is available in abundance here! I LOVE these fruit stands!

Have I mentioned that the food is amazing? ;-)

The beginning of the Corpus Cristi procession. 

The kids like the food too! :-)

A crazy funny dog I run into quite often. I've had some interesting conversations with his owner.

Motorcycles are a primary source of transportation here. 

The mountains and architecture are quite something!

Traditional Mayan singers/dancers. 

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


It is now my 11th day in Guatemala, and I have found a niche here that I am really enjoying. After studying Spanish off and on a bit during highschool, I retained an interest in the language, and after four trips to Mexico in the past 10 years, (three of them being in the last 2 1/2 years) I realized this interest was something I needed to take seriously. God's leading became clear as I prayed about and pursued different options, and when the door to La Ensenansa opened up, I was excited.

I am in the middle of Antigua, Guatemala, just 45 minutes from Guatemala City. Antigua used to be the capital of Guatemala, but as earthquakes continued to destroy the city, it was decided that the location would move. Much of the old Colonial Spanish architecture remains, though, and it is a fascinating city full of cobblestone streets, cathedral ruins, gardens, and fountains, all surrounded by mountains - several of which are volcanos.

Last week provided some excitement when Volcan Pacaya erupted for it's 3rd time in history, shortly followed by Tropical Storm Agatha. National emergency was declared as rivers swept away towns, and as the ash from the volcano coated Guatemala City. The international airport just re-opened yesterday, though I'm sure it's going to be many more weeks before life is back to normal for a lot of people. Antigua was spared from both, except for 10 inches of rain from the storm. There were literally rivers running down the streets.

My studies are going very well, and I'm super excited at the progress I'm making. I was so excited to get out of present tense verbs this morning, and to start tackling preterite. I really, really like my teacher, and she is amazing at what she does. There's enough of a challenge to force my attention to sit still, but enough variety to keep it interesting and to prevent brain-overload. I have 5 1/2 hours of one-on-one tutoring a day, plus plenty of homework and study assignments to provide more than work for the afternoons and evenings. The weekends are free except for homework, and I'm looking forward to doing some touristy things later on. There are coffee plantations to tour, museums to visit, a volcano to climb, and many, many more ruins I could go see. So far there has been only one other student at the school, but four more are due to arrive this weekend. I'm imagining I'll probably do some more touring with them.

Originally, the Lord seemed to be leading to this language school, and then back to MX for the rest of the summer, but recently the doors for returning to MX have completely closed for now. It's taken me quite by surprise, but I am so grateful that I can trust the Lord to direct my future completely. This morning I was so encouraged by a prayer I read out of Thomas Cook's "New Testament Holiness." How I pray that I will honestly be able to say this every day of my life....
"Put a thorn in every enjoyment and a worm in every gourd that would prevent, or in any measure retard my progress in Divine life. I am willing to receive what Thou givest, and to want what Thou withholdest, and to relinquish what Thou takest, and to suffer what Thou inflictest, and to be what Thou requirest, and to do what Thou commandest. Have Thine own way with me and mine in all particulars." - Lady Maxwell

P.S. Picture post hopefully coming soon!