Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seasons of Quiet

When my writer's block started to lift a little bit this morning, I wondered how long it had actually been since I had shared something original on here. June 12th. Wow. It's been a full summer.

Overall, I have not wrote this summer. Journaling, blogging, letters, and even e-mails have been very scarce. Perhaps writer's block is not the right term. Over the past few months, I've sensed God drawing me into a season of listening rather than much speaking. There have been many times when God has spoken so clearly and beautifully, I can hardly help but climb to the nearest mountain and shout it to the world. Then there are other times, when I am drawn into a deep realization of how much there is to know of God, how little I have actually experienced, and a feeling as if a hand is being put over my mouth as I try to grasp the immensity of what God is trying to say. I think that season can be aptly described as one of simply being still, and learning to know God through a quiet, listening heart.

I can't say exactly when this blog is going to be picked up again. This winter is going to take me out of the country again where internet access is not going to be available but every once in a while. Perhaps by Spring there will be some more activity on here.

I do hope to keep up my photography blog. Obviously there won't be anything new when I'm gone, but until then, I hope to get up regular posts there.

Until next time!