Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Bride's Love

From Jesus' words, "Whosoever loves Me..." and "Do you love Me?" we sense how much He yearns for us to love Him. But it is a special kind of love He seeks. It is the love that is reflected in the relationship between an earthly bride and her bridegroom.

An exclusive love.

A love that tolerates no rivals.

A love that gives the beloved, the bridegroom, the first place.

As the heavenly Bridegroom, Jesus lays claim to such first love. Because He loves us so dearly, He longs to have the whole of us. Jesus gave Himself unreservedly for us. Now He yearns for us to give ourselves completely to Him, with all that we are and have, so that He can truly be our first love. 

-Basilea Schlink, My All for Him

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