Friday, December 05, 2008

Another Tidbit

Coming back here, I'm reminded how long it's been since I've posted! Without busyness as an excuse this time, let me just say I've been doing much more pondering and praying lately than writing, sharing, and obviously posting. When the time is right, some of the lessons and gems of late will come forth.

For now, though,  let me give you a morsel that I found to be such a blessing tonight. Though I didn't write the actual words, I could have. They are an echo of some of the many thoughts that have been swimming around in my head lately. 

Ponder, and be challenged. 

I’m afraid we’ve gotten so used to what falsehood looks like that we don’t even recognize it when we see it show up in Church on Sunday morning. In fact we are almost jarred when someone is real and honest. The Church should be so full of reality that the fakers stick out like sore thumbs. This is going to include being honest about sin and current struggles, but I’d really like to see some honest confessions about the amazing goodness of God. Doesn’t He deserve that? If we actually believe that every single good thing that our lives produce is the result of Him, we would be constantly sharing what He’s been accomplishing, and we wouldn’t even think of being proud of it. 

When we have put forth our greatest effort, and performed the very best we can, God says it looks like a heap of rags. I can’t see anything to be proud of there. It is only when the Life of Jesus is being worked out in our bodies, when in our daily actions God sees His beloved Son, that He is well pleased. 


Kaylene said...

AMEN! That echoes my heart as well. That is something that the church I've grown to love in Mexico, really exemplified for me. They are so passionate about sharing their personal testimonies even when it means admitting their own failures! It seems like the church here in the states has become the very opposite. We not only don't admit our failures but instead lift ourselves up as good-workers. What a SHAME!

"It seems that there is a lot more strutting in the American Church, than stooping. There is a lot more self-promotion than self-denial. Dear Church, this is the antithesis of what the Christian life is supposed to be." --Ron Owens in his book 'Return to Worship'

His name is so worthy to be praised, no matter our failures.
Thanks for this great reminder Andrea. I know I struggle in this area or God wouldn't have taken me all the way to Mexico to show me how beautiful sincere testimony can be. Of course its here in the states in places... its just a rarity. "Real" people are my heroes.

Clara Van Nattan said...

I agree, people are so superficial too often these days, and not only that, but everyone is afraid to speak or stand up for the truth out of fear of offending someone. The Bible talks about not being offensive, but when it comes to something that is black and white in the Bible, we need to stand for what God wants rather than being lukewarm - you read in Revelations that God spews out those and that which is lukewarm... in other words, He wants us to stand up for what is right and call black "black", and white "white", instead of introducing shades of grey. Being a "fence-sitter" or walking on eggshells in order to not offend others is wrong wrong wrong, unless we are trying to not stumble or offend our brother or sister in their faith in matters such as Paul writes about (eg. where he writes about not eating meat if it is an offense to someone). We need to be real and call sin a SIN though - on that matter, there should be no walking on eggshells or fence-sitting!

Clara Van Nattan said...
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