Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Source of Faith

As Corrie Ten Boom recounted [her] experiences, (in the Ravensbruck concentration camp) one of the neighbors said, "I am sure it was your faith that carried you through."

"My faith? I don't know about that," replied Corrie. "My faith was so weak, so unstable. It was hard to have faith. When a person is in a safe environment, having faith is easier. But in that camp when I saw my own sister and thousands of others starve to death, where I was surrounded by men and women who had training in cruelty, then I do not think it was my faith that helped me through. No it was Jesus! He who said, 'I am with you until the end of the world.' It was His eternal arms that carried me through. He was my certainty.

"If I tell you that it was my faith, you might say if you have to go through suffering, 'I don't have Corrie ten Boom's faith.' But if I tell you it was Jesus, then you can trust that He who helped me through will do the same for you. I have always believed it, but now I know for my own experience that His light is stronger than the deepest darkness."

-Corrie Ten Boom
Life Lessons From the Hiding Place


Anonymous said...

Amen to that! In my life, I too have focused too much on "building my faith", when in a sense I should just forget about it, to build my relationship with Christ. It's sad to hear those phrases go around Christianity: "Oh wow, such a man/woman of faith... may we all be like that." I'm sure they meant well, but I'm really starting to see how that can create a wrong focus.

Kaylene said...

Beautiful thoughts Andrea, and so so true. Constantly, I must refocus my mind on Jesus. Faith is the >product< of that. Thanks for sharing--this is a great thought to start off my week with.

Cheri said...

A very encouraging read this morning! Thankyou!

Yudhi Gejali said...

Righteous man lives from his faith..
Without faith, we can't see God..

Keep Faith!!