Saturday, September 08, 2007


Being part of a large family holds it's laughs as so many different tastes and personalities are represented.

This particular morning, 9-year-old Naomi was attentively listening to her violin teacher's tips for the fiddle contest she would soon be playing in.

"Now, be sure to eat a good breakfast. Having an empty stomach will not help your nervousness at all! Eating some protein for breakfast, especially meat would be a good choice."

I could see Naomi's mind racing a hundred miles an hour. Being the type that takes everything ultra seriously, and knowing her fondness for (in our home) rarely seen breakfast meat, I knew I would hear more about this.

Sure enough, that evening she earnestly talks to dad about her required duty. :-)

"Dad, and my teacher said I have to eat lots of meat for breakfast. She said that if I don't eat meat, I'll get really nervous and won't be able to play as well. I would be so embarrassed for everyone to hear my stomach growl up there because I didn't eat meat!"

Update to follow! Her very first fiddle contest is this afternoon and we are excited!


Cheri said...

LOL! Maybe that's my problem when I get nervous playing in front of people ... I hadn't had any meat for breakfast! =D

Candace said...

Good Afternoon,

We sure enjoyed meeting your family at the Laura Ingalls fiddle contest. Congratulations on your second place. Do you happen to know if Sandhya placed at all? We had to leave early and have not heard anything.

Keep up the good work and bless your hearts, The Ramachandrans, Candace, Sandhya and Ram.

Andrea said...

Hi Candace! What a surprise your comment was! Meeting and talking with Sandhya was such a pleasure! She certain has a God-given talent and a sweet spirit to go along with it! I'll never forget her encouragement to Naomi as she came offstage.

Yes, Sandhya placed first!!! The details can be found here.

I would think they should contact you soon! Be sure to give her my
congratulations! Her placing was well deserved.

Blessings back to you!