Thursday, August 16, 2007

The True Glamor of Life

Every pioneer must learn that blood and sweat of our own are not in themselves payment enough to redeem souls. No souls are won without them, but they are not in themselves the payment.

Redemption is God's gift.

The glittering peaks of Everest look beautiful in a magazine, with it's dazzling snow crest and the blue, blue sky above. But the climber has to tuck that vision in his heart and climb on when there is no beauty visible, only the bitingly cold blast whipping against him, the slippery ice imperiling his foothold, and only canned food in his stomach.

From dreamy aspiration to laborious doing.

The pioneer has to come to the place where he is willing to go on without thrills. And the drumbeat of the Lord that calls to that monotonous plodding is also challenging prayer partners at home. Can you be faithful to go on interceding for these lost tribes without the thrill of glamorous reports?

I can best explain it by telling you a story from my first days in China. Fraser was taking me somewhere through narrow Chinese alleys at night. Little hovels lay in kindly muffled shadow on either side of the street, and through their poor cracks twinkled little lights. Mr. Fraser said to me,

"Miss Miller, never lose the glamor of your calling! I have been in China some twenty years but I still thrill all over when I tell myself, on nights like this, I am in China for Christ."

The glamor of comradeship with Him outweighs the toil and tears, the disappointments and frustrations, the sickening of hopes deferred, and steadies our life.

-Excerpt from 'Ascent to the Tribes' by Isobel Kuhn


me2 said...

Hi Annie!
I just stopped by to say "Hello!"

Did you read "Mountain Rain" by J. O. Fraser? It's his biography, and it is pretty incredible what he did.
(if you didn't know it, your excerpt quotes him talking to Isobel)

-me2 (U-no!) ;-)

Andrea said...

Hi Me2!! Yes, I won't ever get you confused again!! :-) Blogs are a good place to say hello, aren't they! ;-)

Yes, I have read mountain rain, and it happens to be one of the most treasured books that's sitting in my bookshelf! I also have 'Behind the Ranges' which I like even better! Next to Isobel Kuhn's books they are some of my favorites!!

Blessings and thanks again!

Miss you guys!