Sunday, June 17, 2007

Expendable Christianity

Lately, I've been greatly enjoying listening to 'Revive Our Hearts' on my Mp3 player while working in the fields. This quote really, really challenged me. While written to a young man, it is a clarion call to all Christians. May it be true of my life!

As never before, God is calling for expendables. He is watching for men to match the mountains of opportunity; He is looking for youth who will say, 'I will face this hour and find my place in it, and if I perish, I perish.'

We need men who will put God first. I would that we had young men driven along by a mighty vision of what God could do if only He possessed them. I believe young men of today are going to do things that will stagger this generation, but all this will pass. We must have young men to deal with things not of time, but of eternity.

-Henrietta Mears


Cheri said...

How do you get them onto your MP3 player?

I love Revive Our Hearts, byt the way! I was priviledged to meet Nancy Leigh DeMoss a few years ago at a Life Action seminar.

Andrea said...

I download them off of their website. There is an option for MP3 under 'listen,' and then I just sync to my player with WMP.

I have been enjoying her too. We don't get any radio station here that carries her program, but since getting DSL I've been listening pretty regularly!