Sunday, May 13, 2007


On this Mother's Day, I've been reflecting much on the blessings of family, and the special times we've shared lately. Lilacs, watermelon, picnics, kickball, hotdogs, bonfires, irises, and gardens all spell the beginning of summer. These activities have been very much a part of our last couple weeks, and many happy, precious memories have been made!
At times, I've taken my family for granted far too much, and failed to cherish this awesome treasure God has given me. The blessings of growing up in a godly family are without measure, and I've come to realize that my family are truly some of the best friends and companions I have. They know me better than any others, and yet choose to love in spite of my many shortcomings. Family unity of purpose and heart despite the many obstacles of our humanness is nothing short of a miracle from the Lord!
An accident about three weeks ago pressed this truth deeply upon our hearts. A normal evening turned to a panic stricken race to the emergency room after a sudden flash fire that left my 16-year-old brother seriously burned. He's now the only one of us siblings that can claim an overnight hospital stay and ambulance transfer to a more capable hospital. Though he's now well on the way to complete recovery, each of our hearts still bear the pain and terror of that evening. The accident could have been so much worse, yet it did not fail to produce the strong realization in each of our hearts how brief life can be.

Now as our lives are returning a bit more to normal, (by the way, if anyone ever figures out what normal is supposed to be, please let me know!) we're making it a point to just relax and be together. I'm treasuring these times and soaking up every minute of them! Though the busyness of life wants to constantly pull this family unit apart, I'm so grateful for the grace of God that keeps us pressing and striving after something higher!

Though this Mother's Day is nearly past, be sure to take time to cherish not only that special mom in your life, but the family she has helped give you!


Ryebread said...

Amen, “life is short, and real and earnest...” It has also been impressed upon my heart recently how much my family really means to me... I have been gone so much these past few weeks; I really miss the times that I had in the past when I could just take a day and spend it with the family. Plus, with Becca gone, that altered things a lot... Anyhow, sorry for rambling! :-) About life turning back to normal, I've heard it said that ‘normal’ is only a setting on the dryer. :-)
God Bless!

Bethany said...

What precious pictures of your siblings, Andrea! I really enjoy reading posts like this -- family is SO precious. Our family's bus accident ever serves as a reminder of that fact!

And Ryan -- I like your comment about 'normal is only a setting on the dryer.' It brought a smile to my day, especially since there is loads of laundry to do today, and I'll be spending lots of time with our machines! :D

Andrea said...

Ryan - don't worry about rambling! I enjoyed your comment! I can relate with what you said about being gone - being gone more myself as well has given me a new appreciation for whatever time I have with them! And the setting on the dryer - I've heard that before, and chuckle every time! It's so true!

Bethany - your comments are always a bright spot of sunshine in my day! I haven't told you yet, but our family plans on being at Lake Itasca this August! I can't wait!

Bethany said...

Oh Andrea! How exciting! Thanks for telling me -- I can't wait to see you again! We are really looking forward to our time there -- I trust it will be a blessing to all! See ya' in August! :D