Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blood of our own

Lev. 17, 18

...The life of the flesh is in the blood. Blood is given upon the altar and is never to be eaten. He who consumes blood will ever have God's face set against him (17:10). So with me. If I would save my life blood - forbear to pour it out in opposition to the example of my Lord - then must I feel the flint of the face of God set against my purpose. Father, take my life, yea, my blood, if Thou wilt, and consume it with Thine enveloping fire. I would not save it, for it is not mine to save. Have it, Lord, Have it all. Pour out my life as an oblation for the world. Blood is only of value as it glows before Thine altars...
-Jim Elliot,
April 18th, 1948


Rachel Marie said...

Wow, that is SO good.
I can really appreciate those words, from a man who truly lived them...!
What a challenge to us all!
"Blood is only of value as it glows before Thine altars..."

I can't say "Wow" enough... that's so convicting...

Thanks for posting this, Andrea!
And I have to add, I love the picture! ;-)
I've enjoyed your posts and pictures on your trip, as well...

God's blessings to you!

Cheri said...

Wow, thankyou for sharing...!

And what a lovely picture! You captured it well. =)