Saturday, January 27, 2007

A poem....

I came across this today on a dear friend's blog, and was so blessed! May you be inspired as well! It so accurately portrays the battles that often go on in the human heart during the testing and trying times Satan brings our way. Satan's attacks are strong, but the grace of our Lord yet stronger! May you be encouraged to continue pressing on amidst the heat of the battle!

In the wilderness I languished
And grew weak, the battle strong,
Drew on my strength 'till I was spent
I felt I couldn't go on.

But would I appoint a captain
To Egypt lead me back
Into the bondage that I'd known?
Nay! That a darkened track.

Would I provoke the Lord and say
I cannot win against
This giant You have sent my way?
Nay! Dangerous recompense.

Oh Lord, renew me, strengthen, stay,
My High Rock and my Hope!
Take me on upward toward that goal
That's in the eternal scope.

A table in the wilderness
My Lord has set for me,
Where I can draw upon His truth,
That will set my spirit free.

Mold me, oh Lord, by what You send
I trust in You today
Your joy, Your peace, Your hope and light,
Will ever be my stay!!!
-Rachael Lofgren

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