Wednesday, January 10, 2007


"Begin. Act. Awaken to the next thing in the path of known duty. Walk in the light. Act out your faith. Keep up repeated acts of faith. Put faith to work.

Above all - do something - that next thing. Do it today - here and now. Keep on. Keep on keeping on. Go forth - anywhere, providing it be forward. Cry aloud. Spare not. Be earnest. Be hot for God. And then hotter. Stir into flame the gift that is in thee. Refuse all deadly indifference. Beware of the cooling-off process.

Spare yourself no pains. Go and sell and give. Speak and sing. Keep your heart in heaven and your head in the book. Put your hand to the plow - and to the purse. Push the battle. Let your very talk, day in and day out, tell for eternity. Burn out for God."
-L. E. Maxwell


Jonathan Marshall said...

Wow, good thoughts. And yeah, I could really use some phone numbers. My e-mail addy is the same as my xanga name except @gmail . That make sense?

Andrea said...

Coming your way!